jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016


What a good week for deliveries, we have new cars in stock from SCALEXTRIC and FLY and POLICAR and SLOT.IT and SCX and PRE-WING and TEAM SLOT.
Starting with SCALEXTRIC we have a new Mini Cooper FS6 in the bright yellow Power Maxed livery.
Another single arrival came from TEAM SLOT with the Alpine Renault A310 Jagermeister car. In traditional bright orange, this looks great lined up with the Alpine Renault A310 Gitanes and the Alpine Renault A310 Calberson.
Continuing the single car theme, POLICAR sent us the Lotus 72 in dark blue Brooke Bond Oxo colours. This is a Rob Walker car entered for Graham Hill at the Oulton Park Gold Cup 1970.
Back to orange again for our next solo arrival as SLOT.IT have delivered the second Alfa Romeo 155 V6Ti in Jagermeister livery. With the first release of the red car almost completely sold out this should be a welcome addition for touring car fans.
Just one more single release to mention, the PRE-WING resin bodyshell kit of the 1953 BRM V16. Easy to build up using a Penelope Pitlane or similar chassis, you can have a rarely seen classic British GP car, pity it dosn't come with the awesome sound of the real one.
SCX sent us two new cars, the Mercedes C-Coupe DTM in blue & yellow Euronics colours, and the Morgan Aero 8 in green & gold with Banque Baring logos.
Last delivery came from FLY who sent three new items. First, a Buggyra MK08 truck in metallic grey Sportcentre livery. Then we have the final Williams FW08 in the 'drinks' series, this one as usual in matt black but with Johnnie Walker whiskey logos. Finally a sports car with the return of the Riley MK XI complete with Playboy sponsorship that it raced with at Laguna Seca.

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