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THE 20/20/20 SPECIAL!

Second chance! You can still give the gift of racing with that race set or get the set you really wanted…and at a special limited-time price: 20-percent discount on the 20 top sets for just 20 days. All of the quantities are very limited so order yours now.


Carrera 40025 Top Run Formula 1 race set Digital 143 wireless controllers

Carrera 40025 Top Run race set Digital 143 with wirelss controllers

6.40 x 2.46-feet, 18.4-foot lap length

Formula 1 1/43 scale F138 "F.Alonso, No.3" (41376) Racing RB9 "S.Vettel, No.1" (41375)

$241.99 $193.59
Save: 20% off


Carrera 30182 Power Speeders set Digital 132

11.48 x 5.87-feet 

29.5-foot lap length 

The AF Corse Team is sure to be up front in the Carrera championship. They'll be facing a stiff challenge from the updated version of the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R that has already won the famous long distance race seven times in a row. This model was introduced in 2014 in Detroit and is more aerodynamic and has a stiffer chassis. All the experts see it at the front of the pack. However, the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 is famous for its mastery in the bends. Both produce a wonderfully musical 8-cylinder sound. Can the Corvette retain its titles or will it be beaten to pole position and championship glory by the eager Ferrari team around this 25.9-foot racetrack? It's easy to imagine the indefatigable burning desire of the drivers as they head off to the Südkurve after a 300 km/h sprint down the straight. 

$431.99 $345.59
Save: 20% off

Carrera 30168 Time Race race set, Digital

We are advised by Carrera that this car will only be available in this race set. 

Want to expand to 6 cars? Here's how--There are 2 options: 
1. Use a hand-held control set extension box #30348. This is plugged into the socket of hand-held control set 1 and extended on to control sets 1, 3, 4 in the extension box and hand-held control sets 2, 5, 6 in the Black Box. 
2. Wireless: Connected up to Black Box Tower 1 and/or 2, to enable cars 1 to 4 to be controlled by wireless. Black Box sockets 3 and 4 are for handset controls for cars 5 and 6. 

A maximum of 4 cars can be controlled by wireless. The other two have to be plug-in controllers. 

$474.99 $379.99
Save: 20% off

Scalextric C1327T Digital Racer Set

Welcome to the exciting world of Scalextric Digital. This set allows you to race up to four cars at the same time (two cars are provided), performing amazing, realistic overtaking and braking manoeuvres. You can switch lanes at the touch of a button to overtake or block your opponent.

This set includes everything you need to get started with Scalextric Digital - it features a large circuit and comes supplied with two Digital Chip installed cars. Additional digital cars are available or you can easily convert most standard cars to run on digital layouts.

The super resistant Lamborghini Aventador and Bugatti Veyton racers feature easy change pick-ups and the Magnatraction™ system to help them stay on the circuit.

Digital layouts are fully compatible with standard Scalextric track pieces.

$349.99 $279.99
Save: 20% off

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