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MRE Slot News 

Since the last Newsletter we have had deliveries from SCALEXTRIC and NSR.
SCALEXTRIC sent us four new models, three BTCC cars and a new Racing Truck. This one is in Gulf livery so should appeal to a wider audience. The BTCC Hondacars are both Honda team cars from 2015, the # 25 of Matt Neal and the # 52 of Gordon Sheddon. he BTCC VW Passat is the 2016 car of Jason Plato.

The second Corvette C7R has arrived in Test Car red guise. This really is a superb racing car so if you are running GT cars you should give it a try. The Mosler MT900 makes another appearance, this time in Spirit KIA livery to join all its brothers as the dominant endurance car.

Some new SRC cars are being shipped, the Ford Capri RS2600 Chronos models. These are designed for racing so have simple liveries, but they do have much advanced chassis since the previous SRC Capri releases. See below in News Roundup for some pictures. Also on the way is the TEAM SLOT Alpine Renault A310 Le Manscar. Because we have been away at the Nuremberg Toyfair for a week we haven't been able to get any other delivery advice so it will be a nice surprise if other new cars arrive.
Where do we start ? There are so many new cars added to the MRE website in the last few days we simply cannot pick out one or two to tell you about. You can go and have a look at the new lists for SLOT.IT and CARRERA and NSR and POLICAR because we are now taking your advance orders for all of these brands for this year. Some of the cars are due to arrive very soon (see below), so don't wait too long. We still have other new cars to add, it just takes a little time to get everything done !
NUREMBERG NEWS. As usual we are putting together our reports from the Nuremberg Toyfair and will be send out separate Newsletters for every manufacturer that we visited there. Plenty of surprises, lots of pictures, and of course some inside information.
FACEBOOK NEWS. Did you follow us on Facebook while we were at Nuremberg ? We posted some news snippets and pictures every day to keep you in touch, if you missed it so far you can find our Facebook page at @MREslotcars where we are letting you know what is happening. Give us a "like" or follow us, you won't be disappointed.
CARRERA CARS DUE IN FEBRUARY. With very little notice, CARRERA have told us they will be delivering these two new DTM cars this month. Please make sure you have your orders in as soon as possible. You can find all the other new CARRERA cars on the MRE website HERE

NSR CARS DUE IN FEBRUARY. Same as above, these two little beauties are due in from NSR this month. If you are a Gulf fan you must order immediately as the BMW Z4GT is a Limited Edition. All the other new NSR cars can be found on the MREwebsite HERE

SLOT.IT CARS DUE IN FEBRUARY. Also arriving very soon this month are these two new SLOT.IT cars. Although these were announced long before the Nuremberg Toyfair we need to remind you that you should have your advance orders in by now. Other newSLOT.IT cars for 2017 can be found on the MRE website HERE

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