lunes, 17 de julio de 2017


We discovered a few of the rugged Scalextric competition trucks and we are offering them at a very special price. One to a customer.

C3610 RCT Racing Truck

Experience the thrill and excitement of super-resistant, bumper bashing, chassis crunching racing trucks which just come back for more punishment, again and again. Fitted with DPR these trucks are ready for a quick upgrade with the C8515 digital chip to launch straight in to multiple truck lane changing collision avoidance action!
Height - 80mm
Length - 170mm
Width - 72mm
Please note, due to the height of this product it may be incompatible with some bridges e.g. the Elevated Cross Over - C8295. Please check your layout to ensure height clearance.

$39.99 $32.95
Save: 18% off

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The 1/24 scale Carrera D124 Ford GT cars are in stock now!! But limited quantities so order! now!!.

Carrera 23832 Ford GT Race Car

This car will teach the competition what fear is! The Ford GT Race Car is the new version of a Ford racing icon. At the heart of this challenger is the twin turbo, 3.5-litre, V6 EcoBoost engine. Fantastic bodywork is strikingly augmented with a gigantic diffusor for a whole load of downforce.

The Ford GT Race Car is a faithfully detailed reproduction with eye-catching headlights, tail and brake lights. This Carrera car can be individually coded, it's digitally controllable and can also be used on an analogue set-up (Carrera Exclusiv). Enjoy the simple and authentic race atmosphere at home.


The digital version of the Carrera Mercedes-AMG GT3 has arrived. They also run on any analog track and have working lights.

Carrera 30783 Mercedes-AMG GT3 "Lechner Racing, No.27" D132

An innovative head-turner 
With this Mercedes-AMG GT3 great emphasis has been placed on innovative design. Its matt black turquoise Eloxal paintwork makes it a car that just can't be ignored. The Austrian "Lechner Racing" motor racing team has attracted a great deal of attention at races with this car and won the AMG design prize. With 550PS/542.47 hp under the hood and a V8 induction engine, this excellently equipped racing car is ready to run. The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Mercedes-AMG GT3 "Lechner Racing, No.27" slotcar is an impressive, faithfully detailed reproduction with head, tail and brake lights. This Carrera car can be individually coded, is digitally controllable and guarantees authentic racing thrills. 


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