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Falcon Slot 09003 Porsche 908/3T Turbo Nuremberg 200 6th 1983

Falcon Slot 09003 Porsche 908/3T Turbo Nuremberg 200 6th 1983 driver Jochen Dauer Falcon Slot is a new company created in 2017 by the founder of Fly. The new cars look very much like the original Fly cars with one-piece sidewinder chassis but with an adjustable front axle.


The white Ford GT40 Mk.II that raced at Le Mans in 1969 and the second C7.R Corvette from Le Mans 2014 are here from NSR but quantities are limited so order yours now.

NSR NSR0041SW Ford GT40 Mark II #68 '69 LeMans 24 Hours

NSR 1/32 Analog RTR Ford GT40 Mark II #68 1969 24 Hours of LeMans - EVO Chassis with adjustable front axle ride height - Includes 20,000 RPM Shark Motor Sidewinder - Lightweight drilled aluminum setscrew wheels front & back - Ultra smooth & quiet lightweight drilled aluminum axle gear & brass pinion - Suspension type motor pod - Heat treated axles with self lubricating bronze bushings - traction magnet - Photo Etched stainless steel grills - Clear coat finish over Tampo printing and paint for high gloss and maximum durability - Photo Etched stainless steel grills, body produced from 3 separate sections for improved detail, fully accessorized and painted body shell weighs 19 grams and the complete car 70 grams


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