domingo, 2 de julio de 2017


There are only a few of these out-of-production Ninco cars at this very special price. Limit one to a customer.


Ninco 50515 Acura LMP, Lowe's (C)

1/32 scale slot car. Ready to run on all 1/32 scale non-digital slot car tracks. NINCO's first Acura LMP livery, (the "Patron") confirmed all suspicions... The Acura LMP is the fastest car NINCO has ever produced! Straight out of the box it will rival any car and the more expert drivers can futher improve its performance with Prorace Evo components, making it a benchmark car in speed and endurance racing. It is the chosen model for the 2008 NINCO World Cup. In-Line NC-5 FK180 motor.

$62.99 $45.95 
Save: 27% off

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