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We found a few of these out-of-production Scalextric modern-era GT3-class Audi R8s and they are both on special sale for a limited time.

Scalextric C3045 Audi R8, LMS GT3 (C)

Fully detailed livery on a super-resistant body fitted with durable wing mirrors and clear plastic light lenses front and rear. The darkened windows are replaceable with clear windows to allow the car to be upgraded with a fully detailed interior and driver. The intended benefit is to keep the car in its original fast, light-weight trim for speed and durability. This Digital Plug Ready (DPR) car can be converted for use with the Scalextric Digital range in less than sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug. The car features Magnatraction™ and easy change pick-ups. The lightweight and durable body is designed to withstand the knocks of full impact endurance racing. 

In the course of the further development of the Audi R8 LMS, an ultimate endurance test was undertaken for the new GT3 sports car of AUDI AG at the end of May 2009. Teams ABT Sportsline and Phoenix Racing, with “factory” support by Audi, fielded a total of four vehicles in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. Features: Magnatraction with two magnet positions for driver choice. Quick-change braid plate. Super-resistant design. Fast and light-weight.

$45.95 $29.95
Save: 35% off

Scalextric C3060 Audi R8 LMS GT3 (C)

Magnatraction with two magnet positions for driver choice.
Front and rear lights.
Side-winder motor. FC130.
Digital Plug Ready (DPR).
Quick-change braid plate. 

$49.99 $29.95
Save: 40% off

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A new super-quick GT40 Mk.I is here now from NSR with etched grills and other superdetails.

NSR NSR0020SW Ford GT40 Mark I Red #20 1969

Ford GT40 Mark I Red #20 1969. NSR 1/32 Analog RTR Ford GT40 Mark I Red #20 Equipe Colegio Arte e Instrucao Rio De Janeiro 1969-1970 - Includes 20,000 RPM Balanced Shark Motor Sidewinder - EVO chassis with adjustable front axle ride height - Adjustable suspension type motor pod - Lightweight drilled aluminum setscrew wheels front & back - All metal ultra smooth and quiet gears - Heat treated axles with machined bronze self lubricating bushings - Traction magnet - Photo Etched stainless steel grills.


More new for 2016 cars are now in stock from Carrera, including two wild Ford Torino Talladega cars in either analog or D132, two of the gorgeous 1/24 scale BMW M1 Procars, plus the “Dust Up” set with the two Talladegas set in 1/32 scale and the Digital 1/24 scale Audi vs. Mercedes “GT” set.

Carrera 23828 BMW M1 Procar "Sauber Racing, No. 90", Norisring 1980

Carrera 23828 BMW M1 Procar "Sauber Racing, No. 90", Norisring 1980 23828.


Carrera 23833 BMW M1 Procar "No. 40", Dayton 1981

The BMW M1 Procar has a typical 80s look and is still considered one of the most exciting cars in motor racing history. M1 combines the tough demands placed on standard road models with hi-tech racetrack technology. The BMW M1 Procar was stripped down to a mere 1020 kilos for racing purposes to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h / 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds. This racer turns heads with its low-down air dam, broadened wheel arches and its large spoiler. 

The BMW M1 Procar "No.40", IMSA is a faithfully detailed reproduction with eye-catching headlights, tail and brake lights. This Carrera car can be individually coded, it's digitally controllable and can also be used on an analogue set-up (Carrera Exclusiv). Enjoy the simple and authentic race atmosphere at home. 


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