domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016


SRC have announced two new Ford Capri RS2600 cars to be released this year. First is the RS2600 with earlyy style bodywork that raced in the Spa 24 Hous 1971. Not too inspiring colour scheme in grey and blue, but a welcome addition for Capri fans. The second car has the later style bodywork with boxier wheelarches and is the green & white & gold version from the Brands Hatch Race of Champions 1973. Both of the new cars have updated components with input from OSC so should be even better performers than the original Capri releases. Don't forget about the two Chrono Series racing Capris already announced by SRC, the RS2600 and the RS2600LV, these have lightweight vacform interiors and upgraded performance parts and will also be available before the end of this year.

FLY have been busy planning new models, and have announced a list due for delivery this year. First we should mention the MAN TR1400 truck as this is a Limited Edition in Minions livery. Why first ? Because it is not clear how many will reach the UK so this will definitely be first come - first served for advance orders, and we cannot confirm the number we will actually receive. On to rally cars, and a couple of Monte Carlo Rally competitors in the shape of Henri Toivonen in the Lancia 037 Martini and Jen-Luc Therier in the Renault 5 Turbo Diac car. Now for our favourite, a Ferrari 250LM that competed on the Tour de France with lots of spotlights. The real car actually carried spare wheels on the rear deck but it isn't clear if FLY will include these on the slot car.

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