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Are you already asking "Who are Falcon Slot" ? Maybe you haven't heard that this is the latest incarnation of Rafel Barrios Snr, founder of Fly and previously involved with MG Vanquish, SRC, and Vulcan. Say it quickly - Falcon - Vulcan - Falcon - Vulcan - it sounds the same if you do it quickly enough. 2 years ago at Nuremberg I had a long chat with Rafael about the new company Vulcan which was promising innovatioins such as working dashboard lights on the proposed Ford Escort and BMW 320 cars. It turned into a disaster, the first cars to be seen proved unsaleable and everything went quiet. But you can't keep somebody like Rafael Barrios Snr away for long, so here is the first introduction to his next venture. Below is the original Vulcan poster from 2015, not to be confused with the new Falcon company.

The Porsche 908 Turbo was one of the cars, alongside the Rondeau, that was proposed by Vulcan. A lot of work must have been done because this previuosly unseen car is looking very good in the pictures, and is now the first car to be listed by Falcon Slot. We have only seen this silver Martini version but there must be others lining up for later release.

The packaging is typical Barrios - an outer sleeve covers an intricate display box in which the car nestles in a lined nest. The box itself has a carbon fibre pattern, and we noted the slogan "Flying again" on the outside and in the top right corner of the inner box - a nod to his previous slot activities ? The box also has a reproduction poster printed inside the lid.

It seems the car will also be available in a familiar crystal box. We weren't able to handle a sample but it looks as though it has a printed clear outer sleeve, in much the same way that the first SCR cars were supplied when he was involved with that company.

There was no mention of gimmicks this time, and it seems that Falcon will be producing straightforward slot cars, at least for the time being. We wish them luck coming into a tough market, especially in their Spanish homeland. We will put further news in the weekly MRE Newsletter when we get more information.

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