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Slot.It as usual had a stand that included Policar, but they will have a separate report. Most models previously announced were on display, but we will look at a completely new tooling for 2017.
The new Lola B12/80 is in an advanced stage of tooling, and there are 2 completely different bodyshells.

Now take a look at the 4 major differences between the cars. The pictures are paired to show the alternative side vents, front aero beards, roof intake, and brake ducts on the rear deck. They all show immense attention to detail and will enable many versions of this popular car to be produced. So far just one has been announced, available scheduled for November.

Another new tooling car is the Matra MS670B with the longer bodywork at the back, on show as a finished model ready for delivery., Similarly for the Opel Calibra DTM car,but we have to wait until May for that one.

The Chaparral 2G is a slightly less advanced model. A rough prototype was on show, but Maurizio carefully explained the reasons for delays. To get it exactly right and to represent all the versions of the bodywork, it has been overtaken temporarily by other models. There just hasn't been time to blend the front beards into the wheelarch extensions yet, or the other tiny details that need doing. Good news is that it does share many parts with the Chaparral 2E Nassau car that is due out in April, these include the chassis, front wheels, many body parts such as the screen and engine detail, so progress should be quick once the main bodyshell has all the updates. Special rear wheels are being produced for the Chaparral 2G and these are very nice on the prototype model. This is the Chaparral 2E Nassau car.

One little surprise we weren't expecting concerns the Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car. I think everyone was expecting to see it released in Martini colours and were a bit baffled when it wasn't listed. Now we know the truth - there is a new tooling in the CA40xx series and the first release in December will be the Larini DTM car.

There will some other very popular cars during the year : A Winners Series Limited Edition of the Rothmans Porsche 962C that won Le Mans in 1987, and Audi R8 LMP in Gulf colours, a second DTM Opel Calibra in yellow promarkt livery, plus various other Porsche, Audi, Lola, and others that you can see on the MRE website.

All the 2017 SLOT.IT cars can be seen on the MRE website

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