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MRE Slot News 


Four deliveries this week with one new car each from SCALEXTRIC and FLY andPOLICAR and D&G OSTRERO.
The first arrival of 2018 from SCALEXTRIC is the new BTCC Honda # 303 Simpson. Sporting a nice Union Jack roof this car will add some good looks to your BTCC grids.

A fabulous Ferrari 156/85 arrived from D&G OSTRERO. This is the # 28 car driven by Stefan Johansson, and has all the fine detail we expect from the Italian modellers. The finish really is superb, and includes the correct tyre markings freshly presented as though the car is just about to leave the pits. Admittedly not the cheapest cars around, but if you want an exhibition-standard slot car then you definitely won't de disappointed.

FLY have sent us a Limited Edition Renault 5 Turbo. In plain white but with mud effects, the car was driven by Carlos Sainz at the Montecarlo Rallysprint in 1985. Availability is strictly limited so grab one while you can as we only have a couple and won't be able to get any more.

The second March 701 has arrived from POLICAR. This bright blue version has Elf sponsorship and is driven by Jackie Stewart in 1970. Nice to see some proper helmet detail with the tartan band, and of course it has the outstanding POLICAR classic F1 performance. We have more on the way so don't be afraid of ordering one now.

SRC are sending the Ford Capri RS2600 Olympia car of Walter Rohrl. We were hoping to have shipping advice for the FALCON Porsche 924 Boss cars, hopefully they will still be arriving next week. NSR should be shippin g the new Porsche 997 GT2car and maybe the Abarth 500 Trofeo Mugello as well. The POLICAR Lotus 72 Lucky Strike is a hoped-for delivery. With one of the SCALEXTRIC BTCC cars already in stock we hope the other three new models will be following shortly. SIDEWAYS have several cars that are supposed to be due now, including the Porsche 935 Moby Dick Momo, the GP5 Lancia Stratos Alitalia, and a set of BMW 320i M-Sport models.SLOT.IT also have a few cars due, so we may be looking for the McLaren F1GTR Donington, the Lancia LC2 Martini # 6, or the Lola Aston Martin LMP Gulf cars. We may get a few surprises as well as some that don't turn up !
SLOTWINGS have announced a new March 761. This is the car driven by Lella Lombardi and has Lavazza sponsorship. There aren't too many F1 cars with female drivers in the slot world, so this should be one that is interesting to collect.

LE MANS MINIATURES have added another Renault Alpine A442 to their range. This is the # 19 car from Le Mans 1976 and joins a nice series of the French manufacturers entries in the French 24 Hours classic. LMM are also releasing an EVO version of the 1978 Alpine Renault A443 # 1 car.


MANUFACTURERS PICTURE - FLY RENAULT MAGNUM. The next brand new truck from FLY will be the long-awaited Renault Magnum. Truck racing fans will be delighted with a new model to join the MAN, Mercedes, Buggyra, and Sisu trucks. The first model will be one of the works team trucks.

CARRERA - MORE FORMULA-E FOR 2018. With the real series gaining serious manufacturer support, CARRERA will have a series of Formula-E models in their range for 2018. The real cars have developed slightly from the all-identical first two race years, and we expect the CARRERA model to reflect some updates. More news whenCARRERA show their new range at Nuremberg at the end of the month.

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