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This out-of-production Sideways Zakspeed Capri car has a special sale price for just one week. One to a customer. No dealers.

Racer SW36 Ford Capri Zakspeed turbo - SACHS Racing Spa DRM (C)1980

Racer Sideways SW36 Ford Capri Zakspeed turbo - SACHS Racing Spa DRM 1980 - DIv II winner H.Ertl
  • EVO6 chassis
  • flat-6 can motor
  • anglewinder
  • adjustable front axle height
  • can be upgraded to digital with SISP15
$59.99 $49.95
Save: 17% off

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We just received the Carrera Digital 132 version of the incredible Porsche 917 (the number 27569 analog version is also available). You can have yours now!

Carrera 30833 Porsche 917K Porsche Salzburg No.23, 1970 D132

The Porsche 917 was one of the most successful racing cars of its time and the first to win many championships in the most powerful cubic capacity class. In the 1970 season Porsche developed the short-tail body with optimised handling. The French 24-hour race that year was of great importance to Porsche's latest model back then. Porsche Salzburg sent out the number 23 Porsche 917K onto the grid. Driven by Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood the racing car in its head-turning red and white livery won the race and drove straight into the history books. The Porsche 917K "Salzburg No.23", 1970 is equipped with headlights, rear and brake lights, and turns heads with its faithful reproduction of original details. The Carrera car can be individually coded, it's digitally controllable and guarantees genuine racing thrills!


Six new Scalextric cars are here, including the bronze Ford Mk.IV from the 1967 Le Mans race and a $29.99 Formula 1 car.

Scalextric C3951 Ford MKIV 1967 Mario Andretti / Lucien Bianchi

This uniquely coloured Ford MKIV raced in the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans. Driven by Mario Andretti and Lucien Bianchi, the car sadly failed to finish after a mechanic installed a brake pad backwards, causing Andretti to crash heavily just after the Dunlop bridge. The devastating crash also resulted in two privateer Fords being damaged as well, causing all three involved to retire. Thankfully the strength of the new MKIV with its internal roll cage allowed Andretti to escape with just bruised ribs.

Number: 3
Race: LeMans 24Hrs
Team: Ford
Drivers: Mario Andretti & Lucien Bianchi
Year: 1967


Scalextric C3942 Mercedes AMG GT3 2017 Team ABBA Racing

No stranger to the British GT Championship, Martin Short returned to the series in 2016 with a BMW Z4 GT3, but for 2017, along with car owner Richard Neary, he debuted this fantastic chromed Mercedes AMG GT3. Some bad fortune in the opening rounds dented the team’s championship hopes, but there can be no doubt that the car was amongst the most striking on the grid, and probably the best sounding, powered by the mighty V8 engine.

Later in the year the team was augmented by the very successful international racer Adam Christodoulou and the squad saw some good results as the season drew to a close. They go into 2018 looking stronger than ever, with a great line up and a team to propel them towards victory.

Finish: Chrome
Number: 88
Race: British GT
Team: Team ABBA with Rollcentre
Drivers: Martin Short, Richard Neary
Year: 2017


Scalextric C3945 Aston Martin GT3 2017 HUD Motorsports

Racing in the UK based GT Cup Championship, this fantastic looking Aston Martin GT3 claimed several class and overall victories in the 2017 season. Driven by car owner Nigel Hudson and on occasions by pro Adam Wilcox, the car really stood out on the grid with its matt black paint work so wonderfully broken up by the colourful rear of the car. Although they just missed out on the series title, the team can be proud of both a great looking car and a fantastic attempt at the series.

Number: 12
Race: Brands Hatch GT Cup
Team: HUD Motorsport
Drivers: Nigel Hudson, Adam Wilcox
Year: 2017


Scalextric C3952 Jaguar E-Type Nurburgring 1000KM 1963 (C)

Scalextric C3952 Jaguar E-Type Nurburgring 1000KM 1963


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