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MRE Slot News 


Nice variety of cars arrived this week 


 Where shall we begin.....
We mentioned SCALEXTRIC first so we can show you the Mercedes AMG GT3 in Abba Commercials livery. This is another one that is very hard to photograph because of the chrome green finish - stunning to look at for real. We also have two new pseudo-F1 cars arrive, the sort-of Williams with sort-of Martini livery, and the mythical un-named F1 that has a passing resemblence to a Ferrari but has SCALEXTRIC ARC-PRO logos on it. OK from a distance if you need open-wheelers but not really for collectors of real cars.
Another company to deliver three cars is SCALEAUTO. First we have the brand new Peugeot 208 WRX Ypres car. This first release looks to have all the correct proportions and sits nicely on the track. We are ready to give it a test and see how it compares to other cars competing in slot rally events. The other two SCALEAUTO cars are both Corvette C7R Special Editions, and not available in shops. The orange & white car is made exclusively for the 2018 World Endurance Series and we can say the orange paintwork is a lot more vivid than the picture suggests. The red & white car is made exclusively for drivers in the 2018 Masterslot competition.
Sending three new cars was a definite theme this week because we had another set from SIDEWAYS. These are the three GP5 BMW 320 M-Sport team cars, with # 11 Eddie Cheever and # 12 Marc Surer being very similar, but # 13 having the addition of Wurth sponsorship for Manfred Winkelhock.
A company that sent us two new cars is NSR by delivering the Aston Martin V12 Generation AMR car, looking very nice in white and green. We also have the latest release of the Abarth 500 Trofeo, this time in the Delta sponsored car # 24 of Portogallo.
Last but certainly not least is the single delivery from SLOT.IT. The McLaren F1GT-R has long been one of their most popular models, and this new version is actually the 12th release if you include the R1 racing version and the white kit. Nice and bright in lemon yellow and dark blue, a good racer and also easy to spot on the track.
LE MANS MINIATURES tell us they are ready to ship the Mirage GR8 Gitanes LM77 # 10 and the Mirage GR8 Gitanes LM77 # 11 team cars. These are very colorful and a super addition for Le Mans collectors. Also coming will be the Mirage GR8 Gulf LM75 # 11 winning car, plus new figure Thierry the Cameraman. We haven't had advice from anywhere esle so we may be getting a few surprises as well. 
NSR have announced a special Porsche 908/3 Gulf Targa Florio twin-set. This limited edition will include the two cars that finished 1st and 2nd in 1970. The Porsche 908/3 Gulf #12 is already listed as a single release, and we have not been advised of any changes to this so suspect the # 40 car will be a special release for this set only. A bit more news about this release below in News Roundup.
SCALEXTRIC have added another two cars to their Autograph Edition series. Coming soon will be the Sierra Cosworth RS500 Texaco car of Steve Soper, and the Aston Martin GT3 MSW car of Jonny Adam & Derek Johnston. Each driver has signed the cars, and as usual they are very limited availability special editions.
NEW TOOLS FROM GAUGEMASTER. Introduced with the slot racer in mind,GAUGEMASTER have commissioned a pinion puller & pusher. Looking remarkably like the NINCO tool, this new GM version is quite a bit cheaper.

GAUGEMASTER have also decided to include the new tool in a set of other useful items for working on slot cars. Other tools in the very nicely priced set are :
Torx T6 hex driver
Crosshead screwdriver
Hex driver M2
Hex driver 1.3mm

We expect delivery of both new items next month.
PORSCHE 908/3 GULF TARGA FLORIO CARS. The twin-set announced above byNSR contains two of the four Porsche 908/3 cars entered for the 1970 Targa Florio. They were known as the "Aces in the Pack" team because each car carried the logo of a suit of playing cards. Car # 12 carried a diamond, car # 40 carried a club, which leaves car # 36 with a spade and car # 20 with a heart to be considered. The # 20 car is the red & white one that is already listed as a single release Porsche 908/3 # 20 Targa Florio 1970. The new NSRset09 is also listed as part 1 of 2, so we suspect another set to follow soon containing the other two cars. More news as soon as we get an answer from NSR.
SLOT FESTIVAL 2019. If you have barely recovered from this years Slot Festival 2018 you will be wanting to repeat the experience ! The date has been set for next years event, so put May 18 - 19 in your diaries now. The venue is yet to be confirmed but expected to be held again at the Heritage Motor Musem at Gaydon, an excellent venue used for the past few years.

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