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DHORC/Rolls-Royce Slot Car Section Le Mans 24-Hour V-Jet Race - 10/11Nov18 - Announcement
While the euphoria of Toyota finally taking their first Le Mans win at the Circuit de la Sarthe in North West France is still filling the media we would like to formally announce the 26th running of the DHORC Le Mans 24-hour race over the weekend of 10/11Nov18 in Derby in Central England.
After 25 years of racing the bullet proof Tomy Turbo chassis we are introducing the Viper Scale Racing V-Jet chassis to this year’s event and I am very pleased to announce that Dan Cronin from Viper Scale Racing will be joining us at the race all the way from Utah in the United States. Please be aware that this will very much be a development year so we would appreciate everyone’s support in managing this new chassis. With Dan in attendance I am sure we will have a very good first event with the V-Jet.
As it is a development year we are limiting the bodies to just the Porsche 917 provided by Razorlite, running in long wheel base configuration.
I would also like to announce that the Miniature Auto Racing Club Team from the United States, led by Rob Hayes from Massachusetts, is back after a six year absence. They ran at Le Mans for three years between 2010 and 2012.
We have eight teams already in place, we are just tweaking them at the moment before they are released to all.
As previously announced we have introduced from this year Gold, Silver and Bronze drivers based on their performance at previous Le Mans. The total amount of hours that Gold drivers can race in a team at the event is 10 hours i.e. two drivers could do five hours each, four drivers two and a half hours each or one could do four hours the other three two hours each so long as the total does not exceed 10 hours. We have updated the Race Control Spreadsheet to record the different class of driver racing at any time so the 10 hour limit is not exceeded.
Again as previously announced we have also introduced different colour tyres for the three different size of tyres we will be running. These colours and sizes will be announced during the morning of the race.
We have also done away with the Coloured Driver Pass as it was felt these were not required, drivers will still have to sign on before they race and they can still only change at 15 minute intervals.
Otherwise there is no other basic changes to the way in which we run the event at present.

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